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Shop Floor Management/Toyota Production System (TPS)

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In this quick-paced 9-hour workshop, participants are organized into production teams and submerged into a competitive work environment that requires the delivery of “customer value”. Lectures are broken down into 20-minute modules and blends hands-on learning activities.


Target Audience

Production Associates, Supervisors and Managers.



None; No prerequisites for this course


Delivery Method

A variety of training methods are used in the course, including PPT presentation, discussion, exercises, group projects and demonstrations to reinforce learning and to encourage questions and participation.


Course Contents


The Shop Floor Management workshop is a hands-on experience at implementing the Toyota Production System (TPS) and a top-down Lean Manufacturing Approach. The workshop will reveal the strategic approach and essential tools necessary at developing process excellence. The workshop will explore The dynamics of the following:

  1. Process Compliance looks into Process Mapping, procedure development, the 5 Basics Workplace Organization (enhanced version of the Toyota 5S) and the training-compliance process.
  2. Performance Management System defines key measures that link the site goals to every team member.
  3. Continuous Improvement process that focus on resolving process non-conformances and implementing team member process improvements.
Key Lessons
  • Learn the fundamental structure at implementing a TPS-Strategic Lean
  • Discover the organizational structure to support the implementation of TPS and Strategic Lean
  • Study the mechanics of the Management Support Structure at monitoring overall performance
  • Examine how production teams can manage performance and resolve issues independently
  • Learn the linkages of production teams to the management support staff
  • Explore the process behind a robust suggestion system that empowers production teams to implement process improvement
Process Compliance
  • Process Mapping
  • The 5 Basics of Workplace Organization
  • Training & Coaching for Compliance
Performance Management System
  • Cascade of Performance Measures
  • Management Support Staff & Team Structure
Process Improvement
  • Issue Resolution
  • Suggestion System


None; handouts will be provided.

Strategic Lean™ Improvement Cycle



Toyota Production System model flowchart
The Toyota Production System (TPS) is an integrated socio-technical system, developed by Toyota, that comprises its management philosophy and practices. The TPS organizes manufacturing and logistics for the automobile manufacturer, including interaction with suppliers and customers.


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