Glen Oaks Community College Customized Training

WorkSkills: Steps to Your Success

A series from AchieveGlobal

Program Specifications

New and experienced line and staff support employees, supervisors and managers
Active involvement through small-group exercises, real-life examples from home and work, and practical skill applications.
Classroom materials
Facilitators: facilitator guide, printed wall charts, Video/CD and set of participant materials
Participants: manual, worksheets and job aids
Provided by an AchieveGlobal-certified facilitator
Class size
Minimum of 10 participants
Effective by design
The characteristics of this facilitator-led, video-assisted program ensure optimum benefit:

  • Each module breaks into two 50-minute segments.
  • The highly interactive design includes optional activities tailored to the unique needs of different training populations.
  • Video reflects the diversity of potential participants.
  • The design emphasizes active involvement through small-group exercises, real-life examples from home and work, games and practical skill application.

WorkSkills: Steps to Your Success®

Date(s): January 31, February 9, & March 9, 2017
Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am
Price: $75 for each session
Location: Glen Oaks Community College – Dresser Business Development Auditorium
Instructor: Kristine Stevens
Cancellation Policy: The classes will be cancelled if the minimum required participants to hold the session is not met one (1) week prior to the start date. Please make sure to register early.

A minimum of 10 participants are required to hold each session.

To register for a session, please contact Kristine Stevens.


Workers collaborating on a project


WorkSkills: Steps to Your Success®

The group of modules in this skill area addresses the specific needs for basic work skills for today’s line and staff support employees.

Session #1

What It Takes to Succeed: The Basic Principles (2 hours)

To succeed in today’s changing workplace; every employee needs a firm foundation for communicating with managers and co-workers, and a clear understanding of workplace norms, and expected attitudes and behaviors. This module also addresses basic job responsibilities, gives participants a sense of their place in the organization and their impact on others, and sets the stage for skills modules to follow.

Cost: $75
CEU: .125
January 31, 2017

Session #2

Positive Responses to Change (2 hours)

If the only constant these days is change, it’s vital for all employees to respond swiftly and positively to the many changes they face or will face in their jobs. Because of the natural human resistance to change, however, it’s easy for them to feel victimized and, as a result, to be left behind or, worse, to seek other employment. This module addresses the need to understand and make the most of changes on the job. Participants use a four-step process called FLEX to create positive and flexible responses that improve their long-term success in the organization.

Cost: $75
CEU: .125
February 9, 2017

Session #3

Helping Your Team Work (2 hours)

In almost every job, success depends on shared projects, effective group interaction, coordinated effort, and helping one another in a pinch. Where team skills and awareness are weak, an employee can impede the performance of the team with potentially disastrous secondary impact on the entire organization. This module helps participants understand the impact of their actions on others, the power and personal rewards of teamwork and the habits of effective team players. In lively interactive exercises, participants learn and apply a simple set of daily actions that promote positive relationships and coordinated team efforts.

Cost: $75
CEU: .125
March 9, 2017


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