Elmer Black Community Leadership Scholarship*


Elmer Black a local to the Three Rivers area has a long history of service to the community. Beginning his lifelong interest in government at the age of 21, he served as Park Township Constable after attending a township caucus. He joined the military in 1943 serving for two years stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. Then after his arrival back home from military service Mr. Black returned to local government working as the township treasurer from 1945 to 1962, later in 1974 he was appointed to the Township Supervisor position. An appointment he held for more than 25 years serving on and off when finally retiring in 1996.

Mr. Black’s service has not gone unrecognized by the community. In 1995 he was awarded for his 50 years of service to Park Township by being honored with an American flag dedicated to him in the township hall. The following year he was named the Citizen of the Year for the Lions Club. Currently, Mr. Black serves the community as a Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Ambassador. A position he has held after serving 30 years on the Chamber of Commerce, where he was originally selected to represent his employer at the time, the Johnson Corporation.

Mr. Black received his completion certificate from Glen Oaks Community College in 1969 for Appraisal Practices & Assessment Administration. He also attended and earned a certificate from the University of Michigan for property assessment. Mr. Black believes because of his experiences in staying involved serving the public, he has a heightened understanding of how critical it is that individuals take ownership for their community. It is about recognizing the need, acknowledging
your obligation, taking responsibility and giving back.


This scholarship, in addition to serving as an incentive for attending the college and serving as an acknowledgement of past leadership achievement, is to encourage and support ongoing community leadership qualities and service of Glen Oaks Community College students. The leadership qualities to be recognized by this scholarship include:

  • Serving in a key role at school or in the community,
  • Willingness to take and accept responsibility,
  • Ability to inspire others, and
  • Ability to succeed through effective teamwork.


  • High school graduate or equivalent with a minimum g.p.a. of 3.00
  • At least ½ -time (min. 6 credit hours) enrollment status in college
  • Glen Oaks Community College in-district resident
  • May be either a first-year student or second-year student


Students pursuing an Associate Degree in General Studies or other degree program.

Selection criteria:

Leadership may be demonstrated by participation in community activities and school projects beyond standard class expectations, serving in a key role (officer, team captain, or similar). Demonstrated leadership may include voluntary involvement in student government, school or college clubs and organizations, or athletic teams. Applicants are required to provide two (2) letters of support from high school or college officials, teachers, or community members attesting to the applicant’s leadership quality and service.

Selection process:

  • Students will be selected by the scholarship committee based on the above criteria.
  • Academic ability, financial circumstances and career goals will be given consideration in the selection of the recipients.
  • Students are required to provide at least two (2) letters of support as noted above.


The scholarship may be applied to all education-related expenses for any semester within the
academic year it is awarded.

Amount and number of awards:

Number and size will be determined by the availability of funds and number of qualified applicants.
Minimum of one award each year based on availability of funds.

Prior Recipients:

Must reapply

The Office of Financial Aid will disburse the scholarship according to the standard school policy.

Donors and their immediate families (spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild, sister or brother) are not eligible for assistance from the scholarship or grant for which they are the primary donor or for whom the fund is named.

The fund is set as a Permanently Restricted Endowed fund with additional money set aside as Temporarily Restricted to be awarded in the first two years until the fund has earned enough available interest to be spent. If, at any time, the College Foundation policies and procedures in effect for the administration of award and scholarship funds are changed, these provisions will be automatically modified to conform.

Whenever it appears that changing conditions make this plan no longer applicable, practical, or suited to the general purposes stated above, the College Foundation will confer with the donor or their representative to secure a modification of the plan. If the Foundation is unable to locate the donor or their representative after reasonable efforts, then the Foundation is authorized to utilize the fund for any other suitable educational purpose, so that the fund will provide the maximum service to the community through the advancement of higher education.