Faculty awards winners group standing on stage after receiving awards.

Faculty awards recognize 18 students at Glen Oaks Community College

Glen Oaks Community College faculty selected the cream of the student crop for student achievement awards in a ceremony held Friday, April 29. Comments from faculty were laced with words like “academically superior,” “always prepared,” and “helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous!” Eighteen students received the accolades and stepped forward in front of friends and family in the Nora Hagen Theater to receive an award and gift certificate.

Dr. Ana Gaillat, Dean of the College, said the students represented “the best and brightest” and greatly deserve the recognition. Dr. Gary Wheeler, President, added, “These students achieved a high level of accomplishment. They demonstrated persistence and will do well as they continue their education or engage in careers.”

Brenda Melville received the Business Award, with Professor of Accounting Larry Hass acknowledging as “the best business student this past year.” The John Ward Faculty Scholarship, awarded in honor of the late Professor of Science/Engineering John Ward, was presented to Iffe Oni.

Also receiving faculty awards:

Ryan Avery nominated by Professor of Business Administration Dr. Lester Keith.
Jena Bender nominated by Professor of History/Political Science Robert Wathen.
Theresa Broadwater nominated by Professor of Information Technology Kevin Conner.
Samantha Chandler nominated by Instructor of Business/Communications Michelle McNamara.
Amanda Covell nominated by Instructor of Nursing Darcey Owings.
Lynn Harter nominated by Professor of Nursing Janell Lederman.
Nhan N Ho nominated by Professor of Sociology/Study Abroad Jeanne Reed.
Kevin Hughes nominated by Instructor of Information Technology Kathy Russell.
April Hurley nominated by Professor of Allied Health & Medical Assistant Program Chair.
Rebecca Leffel nominated by Instructor of Mathematics Michael Sandelin.
Heather LeVan-Grinage nominated by Instructor of Communications Patricia Lesaitis.
Mallory Martin nominated by Professor of English/Spanish Judith DeMink.
Emily Mast nominated by Professor of Nursing William Lederman.
Kurtis Maxell nominated by Professor of Drafting/Design Jim Cook.
Angela Petri nominated by Professor of Accounting Larry Hass.
Grace Quigley nominated by Professor of Business William Furr.