Glen Oaks Community College

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Consider purchasing an engraved brick paver. They are the perfect gift for anyone who loves GOCC. Your purchase will help support future GOCC students achieve their educational dreams and serve as your permanent legacy in Alumni & Friends Plaza.

Foundation Scholarships

The GOCC Foundation has many different scholarship possibilities available for Glen Oaks students. Each scholarship listed below is broken down by category.

All Glen Oaks Community College Foundation Scholarships can be used for education related expenses and consider academic ability, financial circumstances and career goals in the selection of the recipients.

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Scholarships by Field of Study

Notice to Applicants

There are three different Foundation applications (all located on Etrieve). One for non-Nursing scholarships, one for Nursing scholarships, and one for Athletic scholarships. Filling out the Foundation Scholarship Form will apply you to all non-nursing/non-athletic Foundation scholarships for which you qualify. The same is true for the Foundation Nursing Scholarship Form and all Foundation Nursing scholarships as well as the Foundation Athletic Scholarship Form and all Foundation Athletic scholarships.

The open time frame for these different applications vary, so your best bet is to check the Financial Aid Scholarships page to see what scholarships are open at this time.


  • Joslin Memorial Art Scholarship


  • Jim Bishop Memorial Athletic Scholarship
  • Kenneth C. Schuler Memorial Scholarship


  • Century Bank & Trust Business Scholarship
  • Dr. George R. Hoekzema Business Studies Scholarship
  • Farmers State Bank Business Scholarship
  • Richard M. Bell Banking Scholarship
  • Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Business Scholarship
  • Sturgis Bank & Trust Business Scholarship


  • Dr. David H. & Patricia A. Devier Scholarship
  • Elmer Black Community Leadership Scholarship
  • Ernest R. Grahm Memorial Scholarship
  • Frieburger-Keller Families Scholarship
  • Gary & Susan Wheeler Leadership Scholarship
  • Glen Oaks Community College Foundation Scholarship
  • Gray Brothers Stamping & Machine Scholarship Fund
  • Helen Jeanneret Augspurger Scholarship
  • Indiana Michigan Power Scholars Endowment
  • Jessie Alice Ray General Studies Scholarship
  • LTI Printing Scholarship Program
  • Mitchell Baker General Studies Scholarship
  • Senator Harry Gast Leadership Scholarship

Health Sciences

  • Alice & George F. Field Nursing Scholarship
  • Dr. Phillip G. & Isabel P. Ward/MacMillian Scholarship
  • Jaffe (Fredrica, Neva, & Abraham) Scholarship
  • Mary A. Hoffine Nursing Scholarship
  • Howard & Betty Lambertson Medical Studies Scholarship
  • Runyun Nursing Scholarship
  • Dennis & Sharon Baker Nursing Scholarship
  • Donald & Eloise Wiedenbeck Nursing Scholarship
  • Joan & Richard Jacobs Nursing Scholarship
  • Ron & Keli Lynn Roach Memorial Health Occupations Scholarship

Human Services

  • Bernice L. Strang Memorial Fund
  • Dr. Phillip G. & Isabel P. Ward/MacMillian Scholarship
  • Jessie A. Ray Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenneth “Ken” R. Nelson Scholarship


  • Donis Armstrong “A Step Up to the Sciences” Scholarship
  • Professor Emeritus David Gosling Memorial Scholarship Fund