From left to right, Eric Gatmaitan, Applied IE, Scott Cubberly, Michigan Works! Southwest, Eric Stewert,Michigan Works! SW, and Paul Aivars, Glen Oaks Community College

Free Training to enhance employable skills and address employer needs

Three forces have joined together in St. Joseph County to offer a free two-week, career development
training course designed to enhance a person’s skills for entering the manufacturing, healthcare and
government fields. Representatives from Michigan Works! Southwest, Glen Oaks Community College,
and Applied IE combined their knowledge and expertise to create a program to help individuals gain and
improve employable job skills.

The training, open to the community, will be held weekdays from Monday, May 9 through Friday, May
20, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Glen Oaks Community College.

“St. Joseph County’s business and manufacturing industries are experiencing a shortage of qualified
workers for the many available job openings,” said Paul Aivars, Glen Oaks director of business services
and outreach. “The worker shortage is not limited to the county—it is occurring across the state and
country. The collaboration was formed to work on solving the problem by helping individuals and the
business community remain competitive with a skilled workforce.”

“These are skills any employer would value, which are cultivating and developing skills such as
professionalism, effective communication, time and self-management that will increase the
participant’s knowledge and contributions to any company,” said Aivars. In addition, participants
will learn how to work effectively with a variety of personality and work style types to better
improve teamwork and learn to build trust and find common ground that will result in creating great
relationships within a company’s current or future work environment.

The two-week program will include the following topics:

Day 1: Workplace Expectations Effective Leadership Principles
Day 2: Effective Resumes/Resume Development Interview Skills/Mock Interviews
Day 3: Goal Setting Attaining, Retaining and Advancing in Your Career
Day 4: Technology-Job Search and On-the-Job How to Find Your Career
Day 5: Marketable Skills Reinventing the YOU

Day 6 Professionalism Effective Communication Handling Conflict and Unprofessional Behavior Time and Self-management
Day 7 Introduction to Manufacturing Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
Day 8 Problem Solving/Root Cause Team Building
Day 9 5 s and Kanban concepts Production Simulation – assembling a product utilizing all concepts taught in class
Day 10 Production Simulation

Partial funding for this training cohort was provided through a grant awarded to the W.E. Upjohn Institute
for Employment Research. The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research is the administrative entity
for Michigan Works! Southwest and a recipient of Workforce Innovation Funds provided by the United
States Department of Labor.

To qualify for the program, please contact the Michigan Works Three Rivers Office, 16587 Enterprise Dr.
#5, Three Rivers, MI 49093, Phone: (269) 273-2717, and ask for Leann or Paula. For other questions,
please contact Paul Aivars, director of business outreach and services at Glen Oaks Community College,
(269) 294-4276.