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Tuition and Fees

(Effective Fall Semester 2014)


  • In-District (St. Joseph County) Residents: $98/contact hour.
  • Service Area Residents: $150/contact hour. Service Area residents include: Cass County Residents in the Three Rivers, Constantine or White Pigeon School Districts, Branch County, and LaGrange, Elkhart and Steuben Counties of Indiana.
  • State-of-Michigan Residents: Residents who are in state but outside of the service area. $158 per contact hour.
  • Out-of-State Residents or International Students: $191 per contact hour.
  • Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver: Senior citizens of St. Joseph County, 65 years of age or older qualify for a 50% tuition discount on the first 18 credits per academic year, paying fees and books (further information and qualifications).


Note:  This cost does not include laboratory and course fees. Tuition charges are subject to change without notice upon action of the Board of Trustees.




General Fee $25.00 per contact hour
Student Activities Fee

$22.00 for 1-4 contact hours

$42.00 for 5+ contact hours

Course Fee

Course fees vary and apply to courses requiring

special supplies, equipment or travel.  See class

schedule to find out if a course applies to your selection.

Distance Learning Course Fees

(Section DL)

$25.00 per class



Note: A contact hour is equivalent to the time the instructor spends in the classroom.


Tuition and Fees and Cost Comparison 2014.pdfTuition and Fees and Cost Comparison 2014.pdf


Senior Citizen Tuition Policy


Glen Oaks Community College provides for a specific Senior Citizen tuition benefit. This benefit provides residents of St. Joseph County who are 65 years of age or older at the time of registration a discounted contact hour tuition of fifty (50) percent for a maximum of eighteen (18) credit hours per year. Beyond the eighteen (18) credit hours per year, regular tuition rates apply. This benefit is subject to the following conditions:

  • The minimum class size (which determines whether a given course has sufficient enrollment to be offered) must be attained without considering the senior citizen enrollment.
  • Senior citizens must meet regular course entry requirements. 
  • Maximum class size shall not be exceeded by the enrollment of senior citizens. 
  • Senior citizens must pay all regular fees, including registration, course, laboratory, technology, and general fees. 
  • The Senior Citizen tuition waiver may not be used for tuition costs for limited and competitive enrollment academic programs, including Nursing and Allied Health. 
  • Senior citizens already registered in academic courses or programs may continue to receive full tuition waiver for two years, although not for tuition costs for limited and competitive enrollment academic programs, including Nursing and Allied Health.


With respect to non-credit courses and programs:


  • The senior citizen tuition policy and benefit does not apply to continuing education, customized business training, or other courses, seminars, and workshops that may be offered at the college.