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Glen Oaks announces title changes for key individuals

Glen Oaks Community College President, Dr. Gary Wheeler, announced Wednesday morning at the November Board of Trustees meeting several title changes for key college management. “These title changes reflect a desire to more accurately describe office functions. The changes are effective immediately,” he said.

  • Dr. Ana Gaillat, formerly Dean of the College, is now Dean of Teaching and Learning.
  • Dr. Patricia Morgenstern, formerly Associate Dean of Instruction, is now Associate Dean of Extended Learning and Workforce Development.
  • Marilyn Wieschowski, CPA, is now the Dean of Finance and Administrative Services.
  • Beverly Andrews, formerly Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services, is now Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services and Registrar.
  • Dr. Margaret Hale-Smith remains Dean of Students.
  • Kathy Hicks, formerly Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College, is now Director of Academic Services.

The Trustees received the October 2011 Treasurer’s Report from Marilyn Wieschowski. She said total revenues year-to-date were $3.2 million, which represents 27 percent of the annual budget. This revenue rate, as a percentage of budget was slightly lower than last year’s revenue rate at the same time. Expenses year-to-date were $3.4 million, which represented 29 percent of the annual budget. Wieschowski noted that property tax revenue was $797,000 at the end of October and remain flat when compared to last year’s revenue for the same time. A State Funds Revenue payment (one of 11) for $211,000 was received in October. This was $105,000 lower than last year at the same time. Wieschowski said fiscal year 2012 revenue will be approximately four percent lower compared to last year’s revenue. Meanwhile, Tuition Revenue as $1.7 million through October 2011, reflecting an increase of $59,000 when compared to last year at this time. Fee Revenue was $452,000 through October, which is $56,000 higher than this time last year. Expenses for payroll and fringe benefit were $2.4 million through October 2011, or $114,000 higher than last year at this time due to benefits and benefit increases. Utilities and Insurance were higher, largely due to increased insurance costs. Maintenance and repairs increased slightly, but Scholarship Expenses were $105,000 through October for decrease of $55,000. Scholarships are now allocated over a two-year period. Spending was down in promotion and publications, materials and supplies, and travel and professional development. Professional Services expenses rose $21,000. The college transferred Technology, Student Activity and Parking Fees to the Designated and Plant Funds for maintenance of parking lots, replacing computers, and student activities.

In other action:

  • Dr. Wheeler said the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) plans a Legislative Summit later this year to discuss how colleges might replace Personal Property Tax Revenue,
    changes in the Dual Enrollment program, and information on certain Bachelor Degrees at community colleges. Trustees were invited to attend the Summit.
  • Dr. Wheeler said Glen Oaks is complying with Public Act 62 requiring additional public information at the college website.
  • Dr. Wheeler reminded the Trustees that a Holiday Luncheon will be held on the Glen Oaks Concourse December 19.
  • Beverly Andrews provided the Trustees with an enrollment chart from 2000 to present which closely tracked the local economic picture.
  • Chairman Pat Haas said the Trustees will announce their performance review of Dr. Wheeler at the December meeting.