X-L Machine employees participate in a Kaizen simulation event

Glen Oaks assists X-L Machine in upgrading employee skills

X-L Machine is busy upgrading all of its employees’ skills to meet the demands of a highly competitive marketplace. With the assistance of a state grant, X-L is offering a variety of courses such as: Kanban, 6s, Kaizen, 8-D Problem Solving, Supervision, Metrology and GD&T.  The Kaizen Event Simulation course (pictured) shows participants learning how to apply Kaizen by building a model car designed by the instructor, Eric Gatmaitan, who was hired by Glen Oaks Community College to instruct the class.

The Kaizen event simulation is a fast-paced, performance-driven, and fun-filled team building experience. Participants are immersed in a production assembly environment and grouped in competitive teams to build product within the requirements of speed, quality and performance. Each team, wanting to out-perform the other, will have the opportunity to design the optimal production line, gather process telemetry, analyze performance metrics, and witness the results of performance-driven improvements.