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Glen Oak’s Board agrees to pursue job training program, evaluation process, and updated occupational certificates

Kari Scare, the Director of the Business Services/Apprenticeship Program at Glen Oaks Community College, informed the College Board of Trustees at their October meeting of a new program designed to offer local businesses flexible funding to meet a variety of training and student development needs. The Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP) was explained as a valuable tool for employers to obtain the highly skilled and trained workers they need to be successful. The Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) said the innovative program, which has been successful in Iowa for over 20 years, is a unique collaboration between Michigan community colleges and businesses that are expanding or coming to Michigan.

Scare said funds for the job training program are attained through community colleges issuing debt or self-funding. The debt is then repaid to the college through a diversion of withholding taxes generated by the wages earned by the new employees. In other words, training of new employees is essentially paid by dollars that would otherwise have been paid to the state for withholding taxes. No new additional dollars are expended to cover the costs of training. Businesses can gain a competitive edge through virtually cost-free training of their new employees.

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to pursue preliminary action regarding the program and look at financing options. Scare said she will begin talking with employers. “We expect to start slowly. This program has a lot of potential. Small companies can expand with this program and it is a great way for employee training,” Scare said. Board member David Allen added, “The MNJTP program offers good flexibility and is a good idea.”

Marilyn Wieschowski, CPA and Chief Operations Officer, provided a Treasurer’s Report showing total earned revenue as of September 30, 2009 was $940,000, which represented nine percent of the annual budget. This revenue rate was approximately two percent ahead of last year at this time. Expenses year-to-date were $2.4 million, which represented 22 percent of the annual budget. The spending rate was approximately two percent higher than last year’s rate through September. The Net (Loss) as of September 30, was $1.5 million, however, the net loss was expected as of September 30 because the College was only five weeks into the Fall Semester. The College’s tuition and fee revenue are both higher than the same time last year, with a $200,000 increase in tuition and $30,000 increase in fees. Wieschowski attributed this to the 12 percent enrollment growth this fall.
The Board of Trustees agreed to an evaluation process for Dr. Gary Wheeler, President, and Ms. Wieschowski, through the services of the Michigan Leadership Institute. The Board gave members Pat Haas and David Locey approval to seek the services of the Kalamazoo-based company as a neutral party in the evaluations. “The evaluation process may provide a model for future evaluations,” said Haas.

In other action:

  • The Board approved a new Truck Driver Certificate. The 31-credit program is designed to provide students with complete commercial driving training. Included is theoretical, practical and driving range operation of vehicles. Students will acquire knowledge on areas related and applicable to the trucking industry, including basic computer skills, entrepreneurship and health and wellness. Upon completion of the program, the students will receive a certificate of completion from the college and be qualified for a class “A” Commercial Drivers License. The program utilizes a training course at Wing’s Stadium in Kalamazoo.
  • The Board approved a revised and updated Medical Assistant Certificate, which remains at 50 credits, and a new Medical Administrative Specialist Certificate. The MA Specialist is a 47 credits program which takes the place of the discontinued Office Administrative Assistant-Medical Certificate and the Health Insurance Coder/Biller Certificate. The MA Specialist program is designed for those individuals interested in the medical office, clinic or hospital health care setting. This multi-skilled practitioner will be competent in medical records management (including new electronic medical records methods), insurance processing, coding and billing, management of practice finances, information processing, and fundamental office tasks.