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Glen Oaks cancels softball season due to low numbers and injuries

Glen Oaks Community College has announced it is canceling the 2018 softball season. Low numbers and injuries decimated the softball roster making it impossible to finish out the league season. The Vikings did show signs of success and improvement from last year’s season going 2-7 and averaging 5.5 runs per game during their 9 game spring trip in Clermont, Florida. Glen Oaks beat national qualifier Mercyhurst North East, who has made the national tournament 9 years in a row, and MCCAA Western Conference foe Muskegon. The 10-7 victory over Muskegon is believed to be the first over the Jayhawks since 2005.

“I am saddened that we had to cancel this season but my student-athlete’s health and safety is my number one concern. I am confident that we will bounce back from this set back just like we had to do a couple years ago with baseball. Our focus now will be on recruiting and continued skill improvement for our returners,” said Courtney Ivan, athletic director.

Glen Oaks will also be looking to replace its head softball coach who stepped down from the post after the spring trip.