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Glen Oaks Community College and Baker College Expand Nursing Program with $1.8M Grant

Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) and Baker College announce the expansion of their successful nursing program partnership, thanks to a generous $1.8 million state grant. This funding aims to increase the number of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduates in Michigan.

The grant, part of a larger $2 million initiative, will be spent by September 30, 2026, supporting 130 nursing students. Each student will receive approximately $14,000 to cover tuition, books, and essential statistics classes. This financial boost is expected to enhance enrollment significantly.

“We are thrilled to further our mission of advancing the nursing profession in Michigan,” said Dr. Adam Cloutier, VP of Academics at GOCC. “This grant provides crucial financial support, ensuring our students have the resources needed for success.”

In addition to direct student support, the grant also funded GOCC marketing efforts and a special kickoff event to engage alumni. Furthermore, it supported the creation of a state-of-the-art simulation lab equipped with advanced mannequins for first-year nursing students.

There are seven potential summer graduates of the BSN program from Baker College. Additionally, 51 Glen Oaks Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) alumni are enrolled in Baker’s BSN program. Looking ahead, 44 GOCC graduates have enrolled at Baker College this fall.

“We are proud of our collaboration, creating a seamless educational pathway for our students,” said Randy Hill, Ed.D., VP for Academic Affairs at Baker College. “Our partnership with Glen Oaks Community College highlights the power of partnership in higher education, leading to shared expertise and innovative teaching practices that will prepare students for growth and advancement in the healthcare industry.”

Skyler Ford, a nursing student who benefited from the program, shared his story: “I graduated from Glen Oaks with my ADN in 2009. Like many new grads, I entered the workforce quickly, intending to enroll in a BSN program later. Years passed, and ‘later’ was replaced by other priorities like family and career advancement. The Glen Oaks RN-BSN program, in partnership with Baker College, incentivized returning to school and removed previous barriers to entry. Glen Oaks’ decision to reinvest grant funding into its alumni shows its dedication to students and the community. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. The partnership with Baker College has been a great fit, as they also embrace a student-focused philosophy. The RN to BSN program curriculum is challenging but fair, and the nursing faculty has been extremely responsive and attentive. The skills and competencies I have gained will undoubtedly benefit me personally and professionally as I continue my nursing career.”

For more information about the BSN program and to apply, please visit Glen Oaks nursing alumni and interested students can contact Sara Birch, Dean of Health and Natural Sciences at GOCC, at 269.294.4287 or Associate degree nurses from other institutions can reach out to Sue Kelly, Senior Admissions Advisor at Baker College, at 231.247.0780 or