From left, Ferris State University Provost and Vice-president Fritz Erickson and Glen Oaks Community College President Dr. Gary Wheeler sign a reverse transfer agreement at Ferris in Big Rapids, Mich.

Glen Oaks Community College and Ferris State University sign reverse transfer agreement

Glen Oaks Community College students, who transfer to Ferris State University prior to
receiving their associate degree, may be eligible to obtain their two-year degree from GOCC by transferring
their Ferris credits back to GOCC, as part of a reverse transfer agreement.

GOCC President Gary Wheeler and Ferris State University Provost and Vice-President Fritz Erickson recently
signed the agreement in Big Rapids, Mich.

“Students often enter the workforce prior to completing a two or four-year degree,” said Wheeler. “The
agreement shows the commitment on behalf of both institutions to support student success and encourage
students to re-enroll to complete. The credentials also enhance the student’s employability.”

“We want students to have the flexibility of entering the job market at their discretion, along with a resume
that reflects their earned credentials, as they work to complete a bachelor’s degree,” said Wheeler.

Glen Oaks Community College recently established reverse transfer agreements with Western Michigan and
Grand Valley State Universities.

Students who meet the requirements of a reverse transfer agreement should contact the Registration and
Records Office at GOCC at 269-467-9945 to schedule an appointment to ensure the requirements are met and
initiate the process. It takes a minimum of 62 credit hours to earn an associate degree at GOCC.

Earlier this year, Glen Oaks signed an institutional partnership agreement with Ferris to ensure that students,
who graduate with associate degrees from GOCC with at least a 2.0 GPA, will be admitted to Ferris at the
junior level.