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Glen Oaks Community College Foundation Scholarships presented for 2009-2010

The Glen Oaks Community College Foundation is proud to announce the 2009-10 Scholarship Award Recipients. These scholarships serve to honor and substantially reward chosen students for their achievements. This year the awarding amount is approximately $62,000 to the 66 students selected to receive scholarship. Through philanthropy efforts of the Foundation, the constituents of Glen Oaks Community College benefit from learning and enrichment opportunities that will in turn improve their quality of life and standard of living.The generous gifts from donors make it possible for many students to attend college and reach their career goals. Their partnership with the Foundation has a lasting effect for these students and we certainly appreciate their kindness. Wish to extend our sincere Thank You!

Jaffe (Fredrica, Neva, & Abraham) Scholarship
Christopher Bell, Sturgis; Nicole Cole, Centreville;
Terri Graham, Three Rivers

Donis Armstrong “A Step Up to the Sciences” Scholarship
Dayna Hart, Sturgis

Mitchell Baker General Studies Scholarship
Kasie Miller, Sturgis

Dennis & Sharon Baker Nursing Scholarship
Shannon Long, Sturgis

Bernice L. Strang Memorial Scholarship
Iffe Oni, Sturgis; Sean Vaillancourt, White Pigeon;
Brandi Vischer, Three Rivers

Senator Harry Gast Leadership Scholarship
Kristin Pierson, Bronson

Dr. George R. Hoekzema Business Studies Scholarship
Gary Bontrager, Colon; Charles Farber, Sturgis; Amy Hartman, Sturgis;
Heather McKay, Constantine; Sachi Thakkar, Sturgis; Matthew Vizthum, Sturgis

Philip G. & Isabel P. Ward /MacMillan Scholarship
Kristina Salisbury, Sturgis

Jessie A. Ray General Studies Scholarship
Riley Brazo, Sturgis; Zakiyyah Campbell, Three Rivers; Michelle Cornwell, Marcellus; Kylan Hagelgans, Centreville; Haleigh Haynes, Mendon; Tiffani Hittler, Three Rivers; Alesha Kirby, Sturgis; Kaitlyn Kunce, Sturgis; Man Wai Lui, Mendon; Heather Waite, Sturgis; Amber Velazquez, Three Rivers; SharonWyman, Constantine

Donald & Eloise Wiedenbeck Nursing Scholarship
Joel Eichorn, Sturgis
GOCC Foundation Scholarship
Pamela Moreno, Mongo; Kolene Vrydaghs, Constantine; Kasie Miller, Sturgis

Richard M. Bell Banking Scholarship
Mary Shultz, Burr Oak

Alice & George F. Field Nursing Scholarship
Heather Perry, Sturgis

Paul P. Clark Golf Scholarship
Wesley Wandell, Plainwell; Michael Prior, Schoolcraft

Mary A. Hoffine Nursing Scholarship
Nicole Norton, Three Rivers

Jessie A. Ray Memorial Scholarship
Rebecca Capman, Sturgis; Deanna Carlos, Sturgis; Elizabeth Evans, Three Rivers; Nicholas Hagadorn, White Pigeon; Kiri Johnson, Three Rivers

Joan & Richard Jacobs Nursing Scholarship
Nancy Oakley-Ware, Three Rivers

Runyan Nursing Scholarship
Amanda Samuels, Sturgis

“Invest in You” Upward Bound Scholarship
Gabrielle Embil, Three Rivers; Yolanda McNary, Three Rivers; Samantha Singleton, Three Rivers; Shayla Jourdan, Sturgis

Augspurger (Helen Jeanneret) Scholarship
Kaitlyn Kunce, Sturgis

Indiana Michigan Power Scholars Endowment
(Awarded in Winter 2010)

Howard & Betty Lambertson Medical Studies Scholarship
Kathleen Becze, Howe; Marilyn Slack, Three Rivers

Jim Bishop Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Jason Evans, Three Rivers

Ernest R. Graham Upward Bound Scholarship
Shayla Jourdan, Sturgis

Ron & Keli Lynn Roach Memorial Health Occupations Sch.
Cynthia Bailey, Coldwater

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Business Scholarship
Kayla Shaw, Coldwater

Sturgis Bank & Trust Business Scholarship
Diane Brown, Sturgis

Century Bank Business Scholarship
Diane Brown, Sturgis

Farmers State Bank Business Scholarship
Brianna Miller, Sturgis

LTI Printing Scholarship
Donald Emerson, White Pigeon; Jessica Kelley, Centreville

Gray Brothers Stamping & Machine Scholarship
Cole Klawinski, Sturgis; Nicole Watson, Sturgis; Mitchell Wolf, Sturgis