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Glen Oaks experiences 23 percent student increase for summer

Glen Oaks Community College is experiencing a 23 percent growth in student numbers for the Spring and Summer Semester. The headcount is nearly 650 students, and more are likely to enroll as additional classes begin with later class start dates. “These students are also enrolling for 29 percent more credit hours,” said Dr. Gary Wheeler, President. At their Wednesday, May 13 meeting the Board learned the double-digit increases in enrollment may mean the College will be challenged, with finding additional classroom space this fall.

The Board also approved a newly ratified Glen Oaks Support Staff Employee (GOSSE) contract which maintains parity with wage increases for faculty and non-union employees. Dr. Paul Schubert, Chairperson of the Board, thanked all members of the negotiating teams for their efforts. Dr. Wheeler said the wage contract “buys us some time” in this increasingly difficult economy. He earlier explained that reduced State appropriations could add up to a loss of $300,000 in college funds by 2011. Dr. Wheeler said he is forming an advisory group to begin looking at all areas of the college for possible operational cost savings. “We want to work together to meet the financial storm that we see approaching. We can take a look at the kind of savings we can make and look at what other colleges are doing,” the president explained.

Marilyn Wieschowski, Chief Operations Officer, said total revenues year-to-date is $9.9 million, which represents 93 percent of the annual budget. The revenue rate, as a percentage of budget, was approximately one percent behind last year’s revenue rate at this time. Expenses year-to-date were $7.5 million, representing 71 percent of the annual budget. The spending rate was about two percent lower than last year’s rate at this time. The net increase in net assets as of April 30, 2008 was $2.3 million, approximately $313,000 ahead of last year’s net increase at this time. The budgeted increase in net assets at June 30, 2009 is $88,000. As of April 30 the college is 83 percent through the fiscal year.

In other Board action:

  • Approval was given to a Document Retention and Destruction Policy that carefully monitors and follows a process meeting the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Approval was given to a Whistleblower Policy that encourages all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers,
    acting in good faith, to report suspected or actual wrongful conduct.
  • Learned of the retirements of Wayne Moss, Professor of Science, Joyce Marsh, Professor of Nursing, and Karen Ganger, Assistant Dean of Nursing and Allied Health. Dr. Paul Schubert, Chairman, and members of the Board thanked these veteran educators for their long service and dedication to Glen Oaks Community College.
  • Greeted several area students awarded Presidential Scholarships for 2009-2010. These included Dalton Hochstetler of Constantine, who plans to pursue a career in wildlife management; Jessica Neff of Centreville,who will study for a veterinary science career; Yelena Dzhus of Northridge High School (Middlebury), who plans to become a nurse; Ryan Avery of Mendon, who will study to become a computer software engineer; and Michael Brueck of Mendon, who plans to pursue a business degree. Also receiving the scholarship, but not present at the morning meeting, was Shelby Dury of Sturgis, who wants to enter a medical-related field. The Presidential Scholarship covers tuition and fees for the recipients who were selected after an application process, interviews, and recommendations from school officials.