Some employees that were honored in old Glen Oaks concourse.

Glen Oaks honors 30 employees for combined 330 years service

Thirty faculty and staff were honored by Glen Oaks Community College for a grand total of 330 years service to the school. Leading the employees was Judy Fetch, Library Technician, with 30 years of service to the college.

Reaching the 25-year milestone were William Lederman, Professor of Nursing, Elizabeth Hayes, Communications Instructor, and Patricia Oswalt, Registration and Records Assistant.

Achieving 15 years were Gerald Barkley, Professor of Math/Science, Kevin Connor, Professor of Information Technology, Laura Klinger, Tutoring and Testing Technician, Lyle Raven, Counselor, and James Romain, Machine Tool Instructor.

Honored for 10 years service were Mary Kay Balaguer, Director of Business Services, Rebecca Burch, Professor of Communications, Theresa Hawkins, Manager of The Oaks Store, Jeffrey Keene, Maintenance Assistant, James Lane, Tutoring and Testing Technician, Peter Middleton, part-time faculty, Kathryn Russell, Instructor of Information Technology, Justin Shepard, Instructor of English and Communications, and Karen Webber, Student Support Specialist. Completing five years of service were Constance Betcke, Custodian, Daniel Betcke, Maintenance Assistant, Naomi Boutell, part-time faculty, Matthew Daniels, part-time faculty, Dr. Ana Gaillat, Dean of Teaching and Learning, Brenda Luczek, Professor of Allied Health and Medical Assistant Program Chair, Stephen Ryno, Instructor of Communications, Keith Schreiber, Fitness Instructor and Head Baseball Coach, Larry Stevens, Custodian, Gary Wallman, part-time counselor, Amy Young, Executive Assistant to Associate Dean of Instruction, and Bradley Shaw, part-time faculty.