Morgan Olson representatives recently visited Glen Oaks to learn how welding students are using donated scrap metal. From left: Alyse Bannister, GOCC welding instructor; Dr. David Devier, GOCC president; Eugene Yoder, Morgan Olson director of operations; Glen Oaks CTE welding students, Nick Solcum, of Mendon; Dwight Summey, of Centreville; and Noah Knontz, of Stugis; and Brent Butler, Morgan Olson director of human resources.

Glen Oaks receives metal donation from Morgan Olson for Welding program

Students in the welding program at Glen Oaks Community College are working with over 3,000 pounds of metal and aluminum recently donated by Morgan Olson.

“As you can imagine, the cost of metals for student projects is a large expense for the welding program. Our cost for the metal would have easily been over $2,000,” said Alyse Bannister, GOCC welding instructor.  “We are grateful for Morgan Olson for the donation as our students are able to practice more freely on cuts and welds on different types of metals throughout the semester.”

Morgan Olson, an aluminum vehicle company located in Sturgis, benefits as well in that the donated metal is considered scrap and would have otherwise been recycled.

“We are pleased we are able to help the welding program at the college,” said Eugene Yoder, director of operations at Morgan Olsen. “We frequently seek welders in our business and saw this donation as an opportunity for us to help to produce skilled welders in the county.”

Glen Oaks is one of the hosts for the St. Joseph County CTE Welding program of which 37 students are currently enrolled. In addition, there are 26 students enrolled in the Open-Entry/Open Exit welding program at the college.

The Glen Oaks program recently adopted the American welding society (AWS) SENSE Program, a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for Welding Education programs Students may earn up to 4 SENSE level certifications in Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Medal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.