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Glen Oaks practical nursing exam pass rate ranks first in nation

Glen Oaks Community College practical nursing graduates are passing the NCLEX-PN (National
Council for Licensing Exam – Practical Nursing) at a rate that is the highest in the nation,
according to The Mountain Measurement firm, an assessment firm that serves the K-12,
licensure and certification sectors of the testing industry.

“Out of all the first-year Practical Nursing programs in our jurisdiction (9 of 22 reporting), Glen
Oaks graduates had a 100 percent pass rate and ranked first out of 18 schools in our
jurisdiction,” said Bill Lederman, director of the nursing program at the college. “Out of all
programs across every jurisdiction, Glen Oaks ranked No. 1 out of 935 schools. Our graduates
had a 100 percent passing rate.”

And that’s not all – Glen Oaks second-year Registered Nursing students’ pass rate on the
NCLEX-RN was also quite remarkable. “Out of all the second-year graduates in our jurisdiction
(38 out of 58 reporting), Glen Oaks graduates had a 92 percent pass rate versus 85 percent in
our jurisdiction,” said Lederman. “Nationally (1235 of 1904 reporting), the pass rate was 83
percent, so our students have exceeded the national pass rate here as well.”

“Our nursing faculty is very committed to the success of our students,” said Dr. David H. Devier,
Glen Oaks president in talking about the program’s success. “This news is a credit to them and
their hard work and dedication. Admission to our Nursing program is extremely competitive. We
typically graduate around 60 students annually from the Practical Nursing Certificate program
and the Associate in Applied Science Nursing programs.”

The Mountain Measurement firm compares all Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing
programs in the United States and its territories. The report information is based on NCLEX data
pass rates between April 2015 and September 2015.