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Glen Oaks Report’s to the Community

Glen Oaks Community College has just published its Annual Report. This is the first time in the
College’s fifty-year history that a comprehensive review of the ongoing operations, data and
initiatives have been provided for the region. The publication also provides a review of the
College’s history.

As the reader peruses the report, I am confident that the breadth and depth of the College’s
operations in the service of students and the community will be informed. One of the key pieces
in the report is the just completed Strategic Plan; 2015-2021. The goals and objectives provide
the roadmap for achieving the College’s Mission and Vision in the next five-years. Another key
section in the report is a timeline which reveals the first fifty-years in mile-marker and pictures.

There are several sections that provide the reader with data which outlines students
demographics such as age, race, participation in developmental and distance education, high
schools attended, participation in dual-enrollment, athletics and more.

If the reader would like a copy of the Annual Report, please call the President’s Office at (269)
294-4233 or e-mail me at You may also review the report at the GOCC
website at: We hope that one and all are pleased with this publication.

David H. Devier