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Glen Oaks rolls out new six-week summer semester

Students at Glen Oaks Community College now have a new option for completing classes over the summer.
Beginning June 2 the college will kick off a six-week summer semester featuring 28 courses.

“The shortened semester allows students more flexibility in their busy schedules,” said Patricia Morgenstern,
dean of academics and extended learning. “For current students, it gives them a few weeks break before they
start classes again, and another break following the summer semester before fall semester classes start in late
August,” said Morgenstern. “This makes it easier for guest students to pick up a few classes before returning
to their home school in the fall.”

Many of the courses are also offered in a two-night-a-week format making it more accessible and convenient
for those who have daytime summer jobs.

The schedule entails a wide range of required courses including English, communications, business and

The new six-week summer semester runs from June 2 through July 15.

For more information and to see the six-week semester course list, please visit:, or call the
college at (269) 467-9945.