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Glen Oaks selected as Veteran-Friendly, Military Friendly School

Glen Oaks Community College has been notified by the Michigan Veterans Affairs
Agency that it has been selected as a Veteran-Friendly School at the Silver level. In order to be
recognized as a Silver level school, the college has demonstrated it offers the following veteran services:

  • On-campus veteran coordinator and/or staffed veteran center
  • Active student-operated veteran club/association
  • Established process for the identification of current student veterans
  • Evaluation and awarding of credit for military training and experience
  • Veteran-specific website/portal

Glen Oaks has also been included on the 2015 list of Military Friendly Schools®. This honor ranks the
college as one of the top 20 percent of schools nationwide that delivers the best experience for America’s
military service members, veterans and spouses. Glen Oaks has had this honor for the past five years.

“There are many factors that led to this honor including the processes we established in Student Services
that are designed to assist veterans with every aspect of becoming a successful student,” said Ben Fries,
veteran academic advisor. “We provide an academic advisor and financial aid staff that are specifically
trained in the regulations and processes governing veteran benefits. The academic advisor spends extra
time with veterans to identify any barriers that might exist for them as they return to civilian life, and refer
them to appropriate resources based on their needs.”

Financial Aid staff also offers individual assistance with completing paperwork and forms and are there to
answer questions about their educational benefits. Veterans are also invited to a luncheon each year as a
way of thanking them for their service and welcoming them to the college.

Information about the Glen Oaks Veteran Services is available by searching for Veteran Benefits from the
GOCC home page at or by contacting Ben Fries at (269) 294-4271.

Glen Oaks is proud to demonstrate commitment and support of veteran students and dependents.