McLaine Dury holding the 2009 APA Academic Achievement Award in Psychology

Glen Oaks student receives Psychological Association Award

The American Psychological Association’s Committee for Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges has recognized McLaine Dury, a 19-year-old Glen Oaks student from Sturgis, for her Academic Achievement in Psychology. Dury is the recipient of the 2009 APA Academic Achievement Award in Psychology.

“This is the first-time anyone at Glen Oaks Community College has earned this award,” said Psychology instructor Chad Worthington, who recommended Dury for the award. “McLaine is bright, a quick learner, and an informed participant in class. She excels in all she does, displays exceptional character as a person, and in each activity she engages in demonstrates drive, passion, persistence, integrity, and success like none other. She ‘thinks on her feet’ and is a person of high energy, enthusiasm, and integrity,” Worthington told the Committee. Besides her top scholastic studies, Dury works part-time in the Glen Oaks Bookstore and sings in the College Choir.

In recommending Dury for the 2009 APA Academic Achievement in Psychology Award, Worthington said during his eight years in the teaching profession he has “rarely had the pleasure of interacting with an individual such as McLaine Dury.

Dury is excited about the national recognition. “One teacher suggested I add the award to my diploma wall some day,” she laughed. Her goal is to become a Speech Pathologist and Psychologist. On the way she has completed three psychology classes with Worthington.

Dury graduates May 1 with an Associate of General Studies degree and starts classes toward a Bachelor’s Degree at Eastern Michigan University in the fall. She hopes to continue for a Master’s Degree and then work in a hospital or classroom teaching students with speech impediments.