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Devier Student Suites residence hall

Glen Oaks students forced from campus housing to receive prorated refunds

As a result of the decision to complete classes online throughout the remainder of the winter semester, Glen Oaks Community College is refunding prorated housing fees to the residents of the Devier Student Suites. The campus and housing facilities closed on March 15 in response to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“Students will receive a full proration and will be reimbursed for every day that the building was closed,” said April Yost, director of student housing. “Student accounts will be credited and adjusted accordingly and any remaining credit balance will be issued via check. The checks are scheduled to be sent out the second week of April.”

Students residing in a two-bedroom suite will receive a $1,420.65 credit while those residing in a four-bedroom suite will receive a $1,283.15 credit.

Residents were notified through email earlier this week. For students who may still owe a balance, the amount will be adjusted.