Late start online classes

Glen Oaks to offer 10-week, late start classes beginning Oct. 5

Although students have already started fall semester classes at Glen Oaks Community College, there’s still time to register for a few select late-start courses.

Glen Oaks is offering four, 10-week accelerated online classes that will run from Oct. 5 through Dec. 18.  The courses are ENG 121 – “English Composition I,” “GEOG 142 – Physical Geography,” “PSY 101 – Psychology,” and “REL 231 Comparative Religion.”   Classes will cover the same material that is taught in the traditional 15-week semester.

The classes fulfill general education requirements that are part of the Michigan Transfer Agreement; however, students should check with an advisor to be sure they apply to their program plan.

Students should apply now in order to be registered for classes by Friday, Oct. 2.

In addition, students will need financial aid or a 50 percent down payment for classes. Contact the Admissions Office for test, advising and registration information at (269) 294-4253.