Glen Oaks to offer courses in Bronson

Glen Oaks Community College is coming to Bronson. As part of a new partnership between
the college and Bronson Community Schools, Glen Oaks will be offering dual enrollment courses for eligible
high school students as well as courses for the general public. Fall 2014 Semester classes, which begin the
first day of school for dual enrollment and on August 25 for the community, will be held at the Chicago Street
School facility, 501 East Chicago St., Bronson, Michigan.

Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college courses for credit while still in high
School. By offering the classes in close proximity to the high school, students can enroll and gain credit for
college classes without interrupting their entire schedule. Initial dual enrollment course offerings for the fall
are filling up quickly and include two sections each of English Composition I, College Algebra and Psychology.
The dual enrollment courses will be held during the school day.

The evening course offerings for the public are:

BUS 104 Introduction to Business , Mondays: 6 to 9 p.m.
3 credits/3 contact hours

This course is designed as a survey of American business and industry. Emphasis will be placed on the
understanding of business technology and internal/external structures and their relationship to individuals,
business and society. Past, present and future business trends will be studied providing students the
foundational knowledge required to progress to upper level business courses.

CIS 101 Introduction to Computers & Software, Tuesdays: 6 to 10 p.m.
4 credits/4 contact hours

A survey course on computer concepts and applications associated with the current generation of computer
technology. Students will study terminology as it applies to computers, networks, operating systems and
internet usage. This course includes a hands-on component where students will work with current productivity
software such as Microsoft (XP) in word processing, spreadsheets and databases within the Windows
Operating system.

Whether one’s desire is to graduate from high school and pursue a college degree or to continue or begin
postsecondary education, Glen Oaks’ presence in Bronson will make it more convenient for those residing in
Bronson and the surrounding community.

For questions about upcoming classes in Bronson, please contact the Glen Oaks Admissions Office at:
(269) 467-4253, or Wesley McCrea, principal, Bronson Jr./Sr. High School, at (517) 369-3230.