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GOCC Foundation Scholarships Awarded to 56 Students

The Glen Oaks Community College Foundation announces its 2011-2012 Scholarship Award Recipients. This year’s awarding amount is approximately $57,000 to 56 students who were chosen by a committee for their academic achievements. Additionally, the athletic program received a grant in the amount of $25,000 to award scholarships to student athletes who participate in at least one of the six collegiate sports available.

Through philanthropic efforts of the Foundation, charitable cash gifts have given many students of Glen Oaks Community College the opportunity of an education that will in turn help to change their lives in a positive way. Many supporters have found partnerships with the Foundation a rewarding experience that has allowed countless students to flourish. Glen Oaks appreciates those individuals and wishes to extend a sincere Thank You! To learn how you can give to the GOCC Foundation, contact Executive Director Janene Breneman.

The scholarships, by category and name, were presented to the following students:

Joslin Memorial Art Scholarship to Robin Roberts, Three Rivers.
Paul P. Clark Golf Scholarship (yet to be announced);
Jim Bishop Memorial Athletic Scholarship to Jessica Mathews of Three Rivers and Jacob Bower of Constantine.
Richard M. Bell Banking Scholarship to Kathleen Stiles of Sturgis;
Dr. George R. Hoekzema Business Studies Scholarship to Dawn Martin of Constantine, Brenda Melville of Three Rivers, Matthew Vizthum of Sturgis, Jessica Walter of LaGrange and Logan Schram of Sturgis;
Sturgis Bank & Trust Business Scholarship to Kenton Barczak of Three Rivers;
Century Bank & Trust Business Scholarship to Kathleen Stiles of Sturgis;
Farmers State Bank Business Scholarship to Logan Schram of Sturgis;
Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Business Scholarship to Michaela Abbs of Sturgis.
Indiana Michigan Power Scholars Endowment to Nicholas Rumsey of Sturgis;
Augspurger Scholarship to Racheal Goldman of Sturgis;
GOCC Foundation Scholarship to Kenton Barczak of Three Rivers Kathleen Hostetler of Colon and Kara Lafler of Three Rivers;
Jessie Alice Ray General Studies Scholarship to Wendell Eichorn of Leonidas, Alexander Harvey of Sturgis, Kathleen Hostetler of Colon, Caleb Miller of Sturgis, Shane Russell of Mendon, LeAnne Ripplinger of White Pigeon, and Kara Lafler of Three Rivers;
LTI Printing Scholarship Program to Janet Smith of Colon, Jessica Kelley of Centreville, Donald Emerson of White Pigeon, Jenna Purlee of Howe;
Elmer Black Community Leadership Scholarship to Caleb Miller of Sturgis;
Gary and Susan Wheeler Leadership Scholarship to Katie Rumsey of Sturgis;
Gray Brothers Stamping Machine Company Scholarship to Mitchell Wolf of Sturgis;
Senator Harry Gast Leadership Scholarship to Cindra Burnside of Three
Rivers; James “Jim” Martin Memorial Scholarship to Kim Rogers of Three Rivers;
Mitchell Baker General Studies Scholarship to Billy Locke of Mendon and Devin Snyder of Burr Oak.
Health Sciences
Betty Leister Memorial Nursing Scholarship to Haley Schrader of Sturgis and Lynn Harter of Sturgis;
Alice and George F. Field Nursing Scholarship to Jason Newsome of LaGrange;
Jaffe (Fredrica, Neva & Abraham) Scholarship to Rebecca Martens of Jonesville, Abigail Hoyt of Sturgis and Casey Boggs of Sturgis;
Mary A. Hoffine Nursing Scholarship to Casey Boggs of Sturgis and Kristina Mellinger of Constantine;
Howard and Betty Lambertson Medical Studies to Christopher Bell of Sturgis and Katie Rumsey of Sturgis;
Runyan Nursing Scholarship to Abigail Adamski of Burr Oak, Amber McCallie of White Pigeon, Ashley Zinsmaster of Mendon;
Dennis and Sharon Baker Nursing Scholarship to Mary Dino of Coldwater;
Donald and Eloise Wiedenbeck Nursing Scholarship to Helen Newell of Three Rivers;
Joan and Richard Jacobs Nursing Scholarship to Abigail Adamski of Burr Oak;
Patricia J. Wortinger Nursing Scholarship to Sarah Schwartz of Centreville;
Ron and Keli Lynn Roach Memorial Health Occupations Scholarship to Brittany Frohriep of Sturgis.
Human Services
Bernice L. Strang Memorial Fund to Sarah Allen of Constantine, Breanne Rigby of Three Rivers, Christina Riley of Mendon;
Jessie A. Ray Memorial Scholarship to Samantha Chandler of Vandalia, Carly Roach of Sturgis, Todd Sanderson of Mendon, April Blanchard of Sturgis;
Kenneth R. Nelson Scholarship to Shaina Greenwald of Centreville;
Philip G. and Isabel P. Ward/MacMillan Scholarship to Leah Clementz of Centreville.
Donis Armstrong “A Step Up to the Sciences” Scholarship to Michael Foetisch of Three Rivers.
Upward Bound
“Invest in You” Upward Bound Scholarship (not awarded);
Ernest R. Graham Upward Bound Scholarship to Jaylene Smith of Three Rivers.