Dr. David Devier

GOCC president receives high marks

Glen Oaks Community College President David Devier received high marks from the Board of Trustees’ annual evaluation. Devier was rated by the Board on a scale of 1 to 5 on forty-eight specific performance expectations.  These expectations were divided among six broad categories covering fiscal management, external relations, internal relations, leadership, institutional performance, personal qualities and relations with the Board.

“President Devier received an overall rating of 4.57,” said Board Chair Bruce Gosling. “This rating compares very favorably with his ratings in prior years. Under Dr. Devier’s leadership during the last year, we have completed the concourse renovation and continued to address safety issues and many years of deferred maintenance as well as updating aging educational facilities. Further, we continued to create new programs to better serve our community and continue to be one of the few of Michigan’s Community Colleges to record increased enrollment.”

The Board has provided for an increase to Dr. Devier’s base salary in line with the rest of the college leadership and has set the term of this contract to continue through June 30, 2021.