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GOCC to provide training for Sturgis Molded Products $36,683 grant

Glen Oaks Community College will provide employee training to Sturgis Molded Products, of
Sturgis, Mich., to advance employee processing skills.

Sturgis Molded Products is one of two recipients in St. Joseph County of an Incumbent Worker Training Grant
designed to upgrade the skills of its employees. The $36,683 fully funded grant was awarded through Michigan
Works! and will help companies increase competitiveness through training initiatives with existing employees.

Process employees at the plant began training in early February and will be completing training in Systematic
Molding and Master Molder I and II training. All training will be completed in early May.

“Strengthening today’s workforce is a critical component in business vitality,” says GOCC President Gary Wheeler.
“The bottom line is that we are addressing training needs so that area businesses can retain employees, avoid
layoffs and focus on quality. This benefits employees and the company while contributing to economic
development in the region. This is a great example of how collaborative efforts can identify and address needs.”

In addition to Sturgis Molded Products, the partnership involves Southwest Michigan First, the organization which
was instrumental in identifying the need at the Sturgis plant; Michigan Works!, the agency which receives the
federal and state funds and awards the grants; and Glen Oaks Community College, the institution administering
the training.

“By increasing our processing training, we will increase the number of employees who will be capable of running,
understanding, trouble shooting and producing “perfect” parts on all shifts and throughout the weekend,” says
Kelly Presta, vice president, Sturgis Molded Products. “This is critical to meet the increasing volumes of our
business and better support our customers in exceeding the needs of their marketplace.”

“The workforce of Sturgis Molded Products is what truly gives the company its competitive advantage,” says Ron
Kitchens, chief executive officer of Southwest Michigan First. “Manufacturing high quality products on demand
requires workers to keep their skills ahead of market trends. When companies like Sturgis Molded Products
commit to technical training offered at a variety of skill levels they experience tremendous results.”

Sturgis Molded Products is a manufacturer of plastic injection molding parts serving automotive, consumer,
medical and nutrition, heavy truck and appliance industries.