Ren Hartung

GOCC’s Hartung is recipient of Trends Outstanding Educator Award

Hats off to Ren Hartung, professor of science, at Glen Oaks
Community College, who has received the Trends in Occupational Studies
Outstanding Educator Award. Hartung was nominated for his quality work and
excellence within the classroom, professional achievements and service to the
college. He recently accepted the award at the annual Trends Conference in
Traverse City, Michigan.

Hartung is said to be “engaged with his students, and he models well what
educators strive to do – make learning a relevant and enjoyable endeavor,”
according to Dr. Margaret Hale-Smith, retired dean of students who nominated
Hartung for this prestigious award earlier this year.

In meeting the needs for a diversity of learning styles, Hartung has produced over
97 videos over the last several years to assist students enrolled in his science
classes. “My YouTube channel shares different physiology topics and makes it
easier for students to understand the lecture,” said Hartung. “You can’t press
pause during a lecture, but you can during a YouTube video. The students can also post questions on the
YouTube site, so I can engage with them through the posts on the channel.”

Hartung also has a Web page full of images for anatomy of body systems that he teaches to aid students in
grasping his anatomy lectures.

Professionally, Hartung is a member of the Michigan Community College Biologists Association and continues
to keep abreast of research, study pedagogical practices and network with colleagues.

“Ren has been teaching for 12 years and has been with Glen Oaks for the last 8 years,” said Dr. Patricia
Morgenstern, dean of academics and extended learning. “He genuinely puts students first and clearly
demonstrates engagement with them, but he is also engaged in the college as he serves on College Council,
the shared governance team at Glen Oaks.”

Hartung receives $500 for the award. He is featured as one of several recipients on the 2015 Trends award
video. It can be viewed on the Glen Oaks Community College YouTube channel.