Grades: Nursing Program Requirements Policy 3.22A


Students in the nursing program must earn a grade of 2.5 or higher in each required nursing courses in the nursing curriculum and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5. Students who receive final grades of less than 2.5 in a required course will not be allowed to progress. Students who receive final grades of less than 2.5 will be dismissed from the program. If reaccepted to a future class, the student will be requested to repeat any courses in the nursing curriculum for which a grade of less than 2.5 was received. In addition, students must achieve a satisfactory lab/clinical performance evaluation. Students will meet with their clinical instructor at mid-point and again at the end of their clinical rotation for an evaluation conference to participate in self-evaluation of their clinical performance. The purpose of these evaluations is to provide the student the opportunity for feedback, to reinforce strengths, and to correct any weak areas by the end of the clinical rotation. The Evaluation of Clinical Performance document is to be completed and signed by both student and faculty member at both mid-point and final evaluations. Students who receive an unsatisfactory lab/clinical performance evaluation will receive a maximum final grade of 1.5 in the clinical course regardless of their grade point in the theory portion of the course.Grades for clinical nursing courses will be determined by utilizing a percentage for each component (theory, clinical, lab, based on the number of credits attributed to each of those components). For example, a 4 credit class which assigns 1 credit for clinical practice and 3 credits for theory will determine the final grade using 1/4 for clinical and 3/4 for theory. For nursing classes having laboratories, the laboratory performance component will be evaluated according to laboratory evaluation guides.

Written Warning Notice

The nursing instructor will list in writing the reasons for issuing a warning notice based on established, but not limited to, criteria. The criteria and process to be followed will be published in the nursing program’s student handbook. If the student does not show satisfactory improvement after receiving a warning notice, the student will fail the course. The student may not continue in the program after failing the course. The student has the right to appeal.

Adopted by Board of Trustees August 13, 1997, revised 2/20/03, revised 9/14/05, revised 7/19/11, reviewed 9/17/14



The 0.0 to 4.0 grading scale is used by the Division of Nursing for the final grade in each of the Nursing courses. The numerical grade point is assigned using the following scale:

3.0 = 95-100%3.5 = 90-94%

3.0 = 85-89%

2.5 = 80-84%

2.0 = 75-79%

1.5 = 70-74%

1.0 = 65-69%

0.0 = 64% and below

Note: If a student fails TWO courses in the nursing curriculum, (could be the same course), they are dismissed from the program and shall not be re-admitted.

Adopted by Board of Trustees August 13, 1997, revised 2/20/03, revised 9/14/05, revised 7/19/11, reviewed 9/17/14, approved 2/9/17.