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Health care insurance costs increase for Glen Oaks employees

The Glen Oaks Community College Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new health insurance 80/20 cost formula for Glen Oaks employees at their Wednesday, Oct. 12 meeting. Faculty and service employees will not see a change in their insurance costs until current contracts expire in 2014. Administrative employees, however, will begin sharing 20 percent of their health cost starting with their next annual contract. Dr. Wheeler urged the Board to approve the 80/20 formula rather than a higher “hard cap” method offered in a State of Michigan program. “The hard cap program would constitute an unwarranted burden for lower paid employees,” said Dr. Gary Wheeler, President of the College.

The Trustees also decided to continue their evaluation of the President’s annual job performance until the November meeting. Pat Haas, Chairman, said the evaluation system is new to the Trustees and it was felt more time was needed.

Marilyn Wieschowski, Chief Operations Officer, presented the September Treasurer’s Report. Wieschowski reported total revenues year-to-date were $2.9 million or 25 percent of the annual budget. This revenue rate, as a percentage of budget, was approximately six percent higher than last year’s revenue rate at this time. Expenses year-to-date were $2.6 million, which represented 22 percent of the annual budget. Wieschowski said increases in tuition and fees beginning this fall semester resulted in a $107,000 gain in tuition revenue and a $60,000 increase in fees compared to the same time last year. Property tax revenue was $751,000 at the end of September, which was four percent higher than last year’s revenue at this time primarily due to the time of tax receipts. Wieschowski anticipated State Funds Revenue will be four percent lower for fiscal year 2012 when compared to the FY 2011. She said expenses were lower in many categories with others in line with the previous year.

In other Board action:

  • The Trustees approved forming a Finance and Audit Committee composed of three members. The standing committee, which does not form a quorum, will meet with auditors and on other matters as needed. Bruce Gosling was named Chairperson, along with Diana DeGraaf and Jim Moshier.
  • The Trustees approved a Nominating Committee composed of Ruth Perry, as Chairperson, and members Pat Haas and David Allen. It was noted that terms for Pat Haas and Ruth Perry both are completed in 2012. “It is conceivable that there may be several people interested in positions open on the Board of Trustees in the future,” said Haas.
  • The Trustees voted to require that both the President and Chief Operating Officer have signatory authority on any Certificates of Deposit held with area banks.
  • The Trustees heard a report from Dr. Wheeler on a concern leveled by the Michigan Community College Association Board of Directors at a recent Muskegon meeting: the likelihood of Michigan Personal Property Tax Repeal. “Property taxes are a bigger piece of the revenue pie for Glen Oaks Community College, amounting to $615,000. If phased out, it could be a financial challenge for the college and undoubtedly lead to some cuts. What the MCCA Board is asking the State is how they are going to replace the income for colleges and determine a specific period for phase in,” said Dr. Wheeler.
  • The Trustees heard an enrollment report from Beverly Andrews, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services. Andrews said student headcount for the Fall 2011 semester is 1333 students and credit count is 13459. The number of students is down eight percent and credits are off by 6.9 percent. An analysis of the 28 Michigan Community Colleges shows virtually all colleges report a similar loss in enrollment due to changing demographics, loss of State and Federal job programs, and other factors.