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Glen Oaks Community College 403(b) Plan

Approved Investment Providers for New and Existing Salary Deferrals under the Glen Oaks Community College 403(B) Plan:

  • Ameriprise Financial Services
  • GLP & Associates, Inc.
  • Great American Financial Resources, Inc./Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company
  • Great American Financial Resources, Inc./Great American Advisors 403(B)(7) Custodial Acct.
  • Lincoln Investment Planning
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance
  • MEA Financial Services
  • Vanguard Group 403(B)(7)

403(b) supplemental retirement contributions are processed by Great American Plan Administrators.

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Ethical Advocate

Ethical Advocate is a hotline for you to report incidents, behavior, practices, or conditions
which you believe may be illegal, unethical, or otherwise threatening to Glen Oaks’ faculty,
staff, or students.
Phone number: (877) 743-4127



Candy Bohacz
Candy BohaczHuman Resources Coordinator

Phone: 269-294-4232
Fax: 269-467-4114

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