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International Relations course added at Glen Oaks

Glen Oaks Community College has added a course that reviews the evolution of significant traditional nation-state and international developments. International Relations (SSH 203) analyzes significant past and present political-military, economic and social events influencing current aspects of globalization. The class will be offered for the first time to Glen Oaks students 6:00-10:00 p.m., each Thursday during the fall 2010 semester.

Robert Wathen, Professor of history and political science, said the four-credit class introduces students to major trends influencing increased international interdependence. Professor Wathen stated, “Thematic emphasis reviews several topics including: the growing involvement of international economic agencies and multinational corporations in funding development in Asian, African and South American nations and the origins and current threats posed by domestic and transnational terrorism. Also addressed will be the increased activism defining and prosecuting human rights violations, such as war crimes and genocide. Through assessing the positive and negative aspects of globalization students develop critical thinking skills.”

Some prerequisite classes exist for the International Relations course. Students should take U.S. History II: Reconstruction to the Present (SSH 202) or Western Civilization II: Europe c. 1700 to the Present (SSH 102) and English Composition II (COM 122) or take COM 122 concurrently with the course.

“In the 21st Century our global systems are becoming larger and more complex. While all the future positive and negative outcomes of globalization are unknown, the processes of increasing international interdependence are continuing,” said Professor Wathen. He stated students should find SSH 203 highly interesting and, he hopes, builds a solid foundation for understanding the relationship of current and past world events.