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Glen Oaks to offer teacher education foundation courses with field components

For students thinking about a career in teaching, Glen Oaks is now offering two education foundation courses that integrate onsite classroom observation in area schools with social, behavioral and learning theory fundamentals.

“Having served as superintendent in a number of schools in St. Joseph County, I experienced firsthand the shortage of teachers,” said Robert Kuhlman, GOCC director of institutional innovation. “The demand for teachers is nationwide. Our hope is that courses like these will help the students decide whether or not they want to consider a career in education.”

Both courses provide field experience components and foundations that are required for admission into teacher education programs at major four-year institutions.

“We have had continuing discussions about developing a more comprehensive teacher education academy with a number of our four-year partners since the winter of 2019,” said Kuhlman.

“Ultimately, we have plans to incorporate a teacher education track into the Early Middle College program,” said Kuhlman. “In addition, we have had discussions with the local school districts about making these courses available for a future CTE Teacher Education program, which is in the development stage.”

“Topics in Education” will be offered this fall and will broaden student knowledge through field observation in K-12 education. Students will observe a variety of school settings at grade levels of their preference based on availability. Students will log their experiences, identify instructional practice and activities used by instructors, and explain the strategies and evaluate their effectiveness.

“Essentials of Education” will be held in the Spring 2021 semester and will introduce students to social and behavioral sciences and their relationship to how schools function. Students will develop an understanding of American schools and the complex relationship between schools and society, along with the latest research and theories impacting education. A 30-hour clinical component provides student firsthand observation and exposure in various classroom settings.

Students wanting to enroll in these courses should contact the college at (269) 467-9945 or apply to Glen Oaks at