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Library clerk’s eagle eye rates note from Library of Congress

Having the eye of an eagle recently proved noteworthy for Sarah Norris, a
library clerk at Glen Oaks Community College’s E. J. Shaheen Library.
Though some libraries purchase new cataloging along with new books, the
Glen Oaks library handles their own cataloging via a worldwide cooperative.
They routinely evaluate the cataloging they download for newly arrived books
to double check copyright, publishing dates, as well as adding terminology that
may be more likely for their students to use when searching for materials in the

While Sarah was reviewing the cataloguing for An Enthusiasm for Orchids, a
newly arrived book by John Alcock, she noticed the copyright date was wrong
and sent an error correction to cataloguing vendor OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). They, in
turn, forwarded Sarah’s correction on to the original cataloguer, which happened to be the Library of
Congress. Soon an e-mail came from the Library of Congress thanking the college for catching the error.
“Because of her sharp eye, the error has been corrected.”

Betsy Morgan, library director at Glen Oaks, said, “In my 18 year library career I’ve never gotten
a thank you from the Library of Congress. I doubt if I ever see another one. We are all singing the praises
of Sarah.”

Morgan said the date was not correct in the book’s publishing field and the only one who can
update certain publishing fields is the original cataloguer, which in this case was the Library of Congress.
“We contact OCLC and let them know and it goes from there. Usually, we never hear if a correction we
made was valid or not,” said Morgan.

The Library of Congress is the Gold Standard of what to do and they don’t make a lot of
mistakes,” Morgan added. “But Sarah is very good. She is always finding typographical errors in things.
She has a keen eye.”

Sarah has a degree in public relations and is now applying for graduate studies in Library
Science. “This is really nice. It confirms that I am doing well in my chosen profession,” she said of the
recognition from the Library of Congress.

Morgan said this is another example of something that Glen Oaks Community College can point
at with pride: “We correct Library of Congress cataloguing in between our other duties,” she joked.
The E. J. Shaheen Library includes 45,000 books, nine newspapers, over 224 hard copy periodicals, and other formats. The College library uses online college cataloguing, databases within the Michigan eLibrary and other licensed databases purchased by the College based on curricular offerings.

The library also includes a media and audiovisual services center and library learning computer lab.