Anita Schlabach

Lopez-Schlabach is named ACT Postsecondary Champion in Michigan

Glen Oaks Community College is pleased to announce that Anita Lopez-Schlabach, Early Middle College coordinator, is the recipient of the ACT Postsecondary Champion award—in recognition of her work in assisting students in navigating their education and career journey.

Lopez-Schlabach advises students in the St. Joseph County Early Middle College program—a job that takes her daily from one high school to the next to meet with the students and their high school counselors to ensure they are on track with the program. In addition, she works with the 13th year college students who are finishing their academic goals on campus.”

The award recognizes professionals working with high school seniors, K-12, postsecondary and workforce professionals in each state who demonstrate “persistence through adversity, a collaborative approach to problem-solving, and a passion for learning and leading others to find their own success.”

“Anita’s high energy level is infectious,” said Dr. David Devier, Glen Oaks president. “She sincerely cares about helping students achieve, and she is one who can instill confidence in those who need it the most.”

Lopez-Schlabach is one of three champions receiving this honor the state of Michigan. The other two recipients are Niral Patel, who works with high school seniors in Mona Shores High School, and Kayla Nichols, who is receiving the award for her work with K-12 students in Hillman Community Schools.

“I take great pride and joy in helping students through the Early Middle College program as they achieve their potential,” said Lopez-Schlabach. “Watching them take purposeful actions to pursue their goals and dreams, while helping others do the same, shows that we’ve been successful in getting them college-ready. I see students now taking responsibility and making wise choices—and ultimately recognizing this is critical to be successful in both academics and in life.”