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Make your New Year’s resolution to complete the college you started

by Dr. David H. Devier
Glen Oaks President

As you hustle through this busy season, take the time to reflect on your future in regard to education and employment. You or someone you know may have unfinished educational goals and there is no time like the present to return to college to fulfill your goals. You may have heard of the special Michigan program entitled, “MI Reconnect.” This program offers free tuition at your in-district community college to earn an associate degree or Pell-eligible skill certificate if you are 25 years of age or older. In addition to the funding from the MI Reconnect program, Pell grants have been increased this year. Finally, there will be one more semester of direct payments to all students from the American Rescue Plan. The bottom line is, there has never been a better time to complete the degree or certificate you started or even begin the one you postponed.

I have written in earlier pieces about the value of post-secondary education to lifelong income and satisfaction. These data are indisputable over many decades. The facts are clear that if you have a college certificate or degree(s), you will earn more over your lifetime and have a more rewarding work life which leads to a more fulfilling personal life.

I realize that you may discount my words as those of an educational leader who is beating his own drum and spinning the value of college to enroll more students. Nothing could be further from the truth. We truly have the future success of all those who we may serve or hope to serve first. My wish as a leader of the institution in our community is to make sure everyone has been informed of the opportunities Glen Oaks offers and that these are within reach. All you need to do is ask and our staff and faculty will be quick to serve you and help make your journey not only a successful one but a joyful one. There are few rewards in life that measure up to the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes with achieving the educational goal you strived to complete.

So please consider how Glen Oaks may serve you or someone in your life to garner the education that will propel you or them to the level of success and satisfaction deserved. We stand ready to discuss your goals and guide you through the process to meet them. Each day, we all come to campus to help one and all add value to their lives through the power of education