Mechanized Irrigation

Mechanized Irrigation Certificate

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This program prepares students to become mechanized irrigation technicians, preparing them with basic concepts and skills of agricultural equipment technology, electrical technology, welding, as well as specialized knowledge and skills in mechanized irrigation systems. Students will receive a work-based learning experience via a co-op/field experience with a local irrigation dealership placement.

Required Coursework

AGT 101 Hydraulic Theory & Operation 2 Credits/4 Contacts
AGT 103 Fundamentals of Engines 3 Credits/7 Contacts
AGT 250 Mechanized Irrigation Systems 4 Credits/5 Contacts
COM 150 Public Speaking 3 Credits/3 Contacts
ELEC 110 Basic Electricity 4 Credits/6 Contacts
ELEC 111 Introduction to AC/DC Circuits 4 Credits/6 Contacts
ELEC 119 Introduction to the National Electrical Code 4 Credits/6 Contacts
WELD 190 Applied Welding for the Skilled Trades 4 Credits/4 Contacts
AGT 219 Field Experience I (Co-Op)  OR 1 Credit**
AGT 220 Field Experience II (Co-Op)  OR 2 Credits**
AGT 221 Field Experience III (Co-Op) 3 Credits**
Total 29-31 Credits
*Course has prerequisite(s).
**Billing for Field Experience (Co-Op) courses is on the basis of credits, not contact hours.

Tuition is calculated on contact hours.

Current/Revised: 05/14/2020