What is NetTutor

From Algebra to Zoology, NetTutor Tutors are Here to Help

NetTutor is research-based and has a rich history of providing online tutoring and academic support to educational institutions in a variety of disciplines and academic programs. Partnering with NetTutor means giving your students the assistance they need from experienced and qualified online tutors.


“Reading and Writing”
World Languages and Social Studies
Humanities and Communications

Allied Health and Nursing
Computer Science and Information Technology


NetTutor Tutors Have a Deep and Personal Commitment to Student Success

All NetTutor tutors have:

  • A four-year degree from an accredited university
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in any subjects for which they will be providing tutoring
  • Teaching or tutoring experience in the American education system
  • The combination of personality characteristics –empathy and patience, in particular– that underlie the ability to connect in a meaningful and supportive way with a diverse range of students
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

The majority of our tutors hold advanced degrees in their subject specialties. Regardless of their knowledge and experience, however, tutors must successfully complete a month-long training period that focuses, in particular, on the study of teaching and technical challenges that differentiate online tutoring from in-person tutoring. In addition to rigorous testing and tutor training, an extensive amount of time is dedicated to mastering our platform and technology systems.

A User-Friendly Platform That Connects Students to Great Tutors:

Tutoring is facilitated by our proprietary whiteboard, created specifically for online collaboration in education. This easy-to-use interface combined with NetTutor’s first-rate service makes it a first choice among educators across the nation. The WorldWideWhiteboard provides a large whiteboard canvas area where both the tutor and the student are able to type, draw, and use symbols from the subject-specific symbol palette.

NetTutor Provides World-Class Support

Please contact: Tutoring and Testing Center, Glen Oaks Community College
Located in the Learning Commons/Library; Call us at 269-294-4296;
Or visit our website: https://www.glenoaks.edu/tutoring-and-testing