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New fitness equipment arrives at GOCC Fitness/Wellness Center

Students, employees and community members of the Glen Oaks Community College Fitness/Wellness Center now have thirteen new pieces of fitness equipment in place and ready for use.

The new Matrix brand equipment includes 12 weight machines: hip abductor, hip adductor, leg extension, triceps extension, bicep curl, rear delt/pec fly, converging shoulder press and converging chest press.

In addition to the weight machines, the Center also purchased a functional trainer/cable machine which is a multi-station all-in-one unit that includes two weight stacks with adjustable components that allow for 18 different placements, on each side, to strengthen arms, legs, abs and back. The functional trainer includes two weight stacks of 72.5 pounds each and multiple attachments to use in numerous different ways for sport specific training, or for exercises that are not covered by the other equipment.

“There’s been a lot of interest expressed in the new equipment,” says Lea Green, director of the center.“We are offering students and members a range of orientation times to demonstrate proper use of the machines as they get familiar with the equipment. In a few weeks, we will be adding some free weights,and a bench press among a few other items.

“For the future, we are looking to expand our fitness classes and explore options to grow the Center through offering area employers corporate memberships for their employees,” says Green. “We will continue to reach out to the students, employees and the community through some of our seasonal and specialty events such as the Halloween Hustle; the Reindeer Romp and the Earth Day Run.”

About the Glen Oaks Community College Fitness/Wellness Center
The Fitness/Wellness Center is open to members of the community as well as the student body. It offers fitness and wellness opportunities together, in a pleasant and non-threatening environment. Information about the Center, including rates and group classes in Zumba, Yoga and Boot Camp, is available by calling (269) 294-4307.