New Student Enrollment Policy 3.01A

New students to the College are now limited to the date of registration/entry to 3 business days prior to the first day of classes beginning of each semester/accelerated semester. New students are first-time GOCC students (including former dual-enrolled students), returning students who have not attended GOCC for more than three years, college guest students, and transfer students.

This policy will become effective Winter 2016. New students who register late historically do not perform well academically, and this initiative is intended to ensure the students’ success. Students will be advised of their option for attendance which includes registering for half-semester courses which begin at the mid-way point of the given semester as appropriate or to prepare to enroll the following semester. Students do have an appeal process through the Dean of Academics and Extended Learning to request to be allowed to register later based on special circumstances. Students with special circumstances should complete the “Late Registration Petition” form, located on-line and in the Student Services area.

Adopted by Board of Trustees: 10/14/2015