Students with "The Graph Is My Friend" t-shirts.

Professor reminds students: Graph Is Your Friend!

The news headlines tell us every day how important our economy and understanding of it can be, yet Microeconomics is not one of the most popular classes at Glen Oaks Community College. Dr. Lester Keith, Professor of Business Administration, has added fun to the subject matter with his “The Graph Is My Friend” concept.

This fall semester, Dr. Keith gave extra credit on a recent test to any student who would wear a T-shirt displaying “The Graph Is My Friend.” Many in the class took the challenge and wore the T-shirts.

“Our economy influences all aspects of life; therefore, it is very important that students understand the relationships from employment or wage costs to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Our students typically are required to take this class and they seldom take this course because of interest or desire. My job is to show them the importance of the economy and its holistic influence on students from a business point of view and the personal choices we all make. We decided to have some fun in the classroom!” explained Dr. Keith.

Economics can be a complicated subject with all kinds of charts, graphs and tables about money, time, business, supply and demand, and product demand. Economics needs lots of graphs to track the numbers and display trends. “The answer to most questions in economics can be derived from graphing the questions asked. For over 20 years I have been making the point that, ‘The Graph Is My Friend’ in economics. I always say: ‘When in doubt, graph it out!’ When students fail to follow this advice, I draw a graph on their tests to illustrate the importance of The Graph to Economics,” said Dr. Keith.

Principles of Economics – Micro is a 4-credit hour class on the way to an Associate of Business or Associate of Applied Science in Business Degree. Some students continue with a Principles of Economics – Macro course. Glen Oaks Community College is one of 150 Achieving the Dream colleges bringing practices and procedures designed to increase student success.