Glen Oaks Community College

Associate of Arts in Visual Arts Emphasis in Commercial Photography

Do you like taking photos and have an eye for photography? Do you enjoy thinking of creative ways to advertise products and services through imagery?

The Glen Oaks photography program provides knowledge of the photographic process from framing an image and make camera setting  adjustments to manipulation of the final image. The degree provides practical experience in product, portrait, and location photography. The degree prepares the student to transfer to a four-year college, university, or school or to begin work in the field of commercial photography.

Colleagues looking at photos on camera in the office.
Program Information

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Photographers have an interest and eye for design. They must be effective communicators in order to be able to work with and understand the intent of many different clients. They work in different environments and are masters of the technical tools and techniques available to them to meet the deadlines and demands of the clients.

Employment Information

Commercial photographers combine today’s technological tools with creativity to produce compelling images that promote a business or sell a product or service. Commercial photographers may be employed in large corporations, newspapers or smaller businesses such as advertising agencies or public relations firms.

Trained in digital imaging and editing, commercial photographers enhance and alter images through an array of software programs. They combine photos with text and other design elements to create the final image. They may work in a studio or at client locations.

In 2010, over 60 percent of photographers were self-employed. Those who own their own business need to have entrepreneurial skills to manage the business and sharp marketing skills to be able to promote their work and business.

There exists a broader range of demand for promotional photographs today than ever before. Advertisements may be produced for newspaper, magazines, television or billboards, as as well as for websites and online usage.