Glen Oaks Community College

Graduation 2024

Associate of Arts in Visual Arts Emphasis in Fine Art

Do you want to acquire the creative skills to launch a career in the fine arts? Do you appreciate a range of art forms that include drawing, painting, sculpting, and other art media and want to unleash your passion for art through art expression?

The Associate of Visual Arts with an Emphasis on Fine Art at Glen Oaks Glen Oaks provides grounding in art fundamentals and allows specialization in areas of particular interest. The degree prepares students to transfer to a four-year college, university or art school.

Group of students drawing their paintings on a class at art studio. Focus is on male student.
Program Information

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Artists have an imagination and passion for creativity. They have an eye for beauty and express their feelings through their work. Once created, their broader success lies in getting their work noticed through those who can help them promote their artwork to collectors and people who work in galleries. However, not all artists have their work in galleries. Artists may create artwork for advertising, textbooks, graphic design, and the web.

Employment Information

Artists use a variety of different mediums to create works of art for appreciation, exhibition and sale, or for commission. In addition to paintings, prints and drawings, artworks are formed from a broad range of media including pottery, glassware, textiles, sculptures, wood, jewelry and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

This major is the starting block for students wishing to pursue art education or post-secondary art education, or for those entering the fields of architecture and art illustration.

Typically, craft and fine artists are self-employed, and they often hold other jobs on the side. There are a range of related careers in fine arts such as artist assistants, archivists and exhibition designers. In addition to studios, the artist’s place of work can include art and craft fairs, art museums, galleries, auction houses, etc.

Although formal training is not required, those who earn a Bachelor or Master in Fine Arts, can improve their skills and job prospects according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS reports that the median hourly wage of craft and fine artists is $20.90 based on the most recent information provided.

The profession is expected to grow by five percent through 2020, and is greatly affected by the economy, as art purchases are optional.