Glen Oaks Community College

General Studies

Do you plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree, but are undecided as to your field of study? Do you know if your focus will be more along the line of liberal arts or rather a pathway to science or health related programs?

Glen Oaks offers three different associate degree paths with the Associate of Arts being more general in nature while an Associate of Science degree is more narrowly focused on the science fields. The Associate of General Studies may be more customized based on a student’s varying interests.

Smiling student using a tablet computer in a library
Certificate of General Studies
Diverse group of young businesspeople laughing while sitting together in a row at an office desk during a meeting
Associate of Arts
Young african-american student freelancer businesswoman teenager doing homework, project, preparing for test, exam online remotely in city cafe outdoors.
Associate of General Studies
Beautiful student with microscope in laboratory. Senior teacher teaching biology.
Associate of Science