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Criminal Justice

Do you like to help others? Do you see yourself in the role of a police or corrections officer or as someone who is interested in the psychology of criminal behavior?

The Glen Oaks Criminal Justice program prepares one to apply theories and practices of criminal justice to structuring, managing, directing and controlling criminal justice agencies, including police and sheriff’s department in either a law enforcement or corrections role.

Handsome young father in police uniform carrying his little son
Program Information

Is this for me?

A career in Criminal Justice can lead to a wide variety of jobs in the public service sector. Those in this profession are able to pay attention to detail, yet they are able to multitask. Communications skills and applying good judgment are critical to this profession. Positions as officers and detectives also require strength and stamina.

What to expect

Persons employed in corrections are responsible for overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, monitoring those who have been sentenced to serve time in confinement, or supervising those on parole or probation.

Earning a Criminal Justice degree offers you an excellent career outlook and a variety of career options.

The goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in criminal justice. Students will explore the causes of crime and options for controlling it, while examining the fundamental concepts underlying the practice of justice. Students will learn how to document the results of an investigation in an acceptable, moral and ethical manner and analyze the impact of crime on our society.

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice provides students with a basic introduction to prepare them for positions in law enforcement at all levels.