Report a Concern

Woman sitting in front of computer looking concerned

Glen Oaks Community College is committed to establishing and supporting an environment where students, employees, and guests can take advantage of the academic and social offerings in a manner that supports the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals.

If members of our community observe behaviors inconsistent with this goal, it is important to immediately report concerns to an appropriate College official for a prompt and timely investigation.

Please review each category below, and select the form that best fits the situation you are reporting.

If you prefer to speak to someone confidentially before filing an official report, please stop by the Student Services Office and ask to speak with a licensed counselor.

If the concern is an emergency that involves an imminent risk of harm to self or others, please contact 911 prior to completing the Concerning Behavior form. These reporting forms are NOT designed for emergency response situations and may not be monitored after hours, on weekends, or on holiday/break days.

General Complaint or Request for Assistance Form
If you have a college concern or issue that you are unable to resolve, please complete this form in as much detail as possible. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we can assist you in better navigating what can be a complex system.

Examples of concerns in which we may be able to assist include, but are not limited to, issues with customer service, complaints regarding an instructor or staff member, or challenges with a college policy or procedure. Information you provide gives the College the opportunity to improve our services or processes when warranted.

Please Note: When a student has a conflict with a GOCC faculty or staff member, the College encourages students to first speak to the person with whom they have a conflict, as many concerns can be resolved informally. However, when a conflict cannot be resolved, or the student is reluctant to speak to the faculty or staff member, they may complete this form, and the concern will be directed to the Dean of the area in which the concern applies.

Concerning, Worrisome, or Threatening Behaviors Form
Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use this online referral form to report behaviors they perceive as concerning, worrisome, or threatening (no matter how minor the behavior may seem). Examples of concerning behaviors include, but are not limited to, classroom misconduct, physical violence, excessive absences, direct statements indicating stress, deterioration of physical appearance or hygiene, angry or hostile outbursts, disorganized speech or confusion, substance abuse, or noticeable cuts, bruises, or burns. Your report allows the college to intervene and find solutions, connect your concerns to previous reports, and provide students with the levels of support that are needed.

Sex/Gender-Based Discrimination and Harassment Form
The College strongly encourages students to report any incidents of sexual misconduct, including dating or domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or stalking. As “responsible employees,” GOCC faculty, administrators, and staff are required to report incidents of potential sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator will address any concerns and provide resources as needed. Students who wish to speak to someone confidentially (without filing a report) may meet with a licensed counselor in Student Services, a private counselor, or clergy.

Academic Dishonesty Violation Form

Use this online form to report academic violations such as cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation, or any form of academic dishonesty.

Student Housing Concern Form

The College encourages residents and guests of the Devier Student Suites to report any incidents or concerns that should be addressed by Housing staff. Examples should include any violations (or potential violations) of the Housing handbook or any concerns directly involving occupants of the residence hall. This form should not be used by residents for any facility or maintenance requests. Maintenance requests should be reported to front desk staff in the residence hall.