Runyan Nursing Scholarship*

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The Runyan Nursing Scholarship is being established by Ruth R. Perry in memory of her parents Charles G. and Mildred M. Runyan.

Mildred “Min” and Charles “Chuck” Runyan, lifelong residents of Sturgis, were strong believers in doing good things for others, always making themselves available in time of need. As a young woman, Min wanted to become a nurse upon completion of high school, however, at that time there were no openings in many of the nursing schools.
She was forced to change her professional goal and completed requirements in the School of Cosmetology. Min had the entrepreneur spirit and after years of working in her best friend’s beauty salon, she ventured out and started her own business and worked until she was 80 years old and her health began to fail. During those years of work, she made regular visits to the now, Thurston Woods Village Nursing Center, in Sturgis, and would work in the resident beauty shop and also spend much time visiting residents, trying to cheer up their days and offer her services as well.

Following graduation from Indiana University, Charles was employed at the Sturgis Post Office; after many years in the postal service, he made the decision to pursue a new career, thus retiring as Director of Personnel at Formed Tubes, Inc., Sturgis.

Both Min and Chuck were strong supporters of Glen Oaks Community College and felt the college’s School of Nursing was truly a gift to St. Joseph County.

The Runyan Nursing Scholarship is established to recognize Glen Oaks Community College students pursuing a Nursing Degree. The scholarship is to be awarded to talented students committed to nursing who plan to finish a two-year nursing degree at Glen Oaks.

The effect of this scholarship, in addition to functioning as a strong incentive for and a prestigious acknowledgement of excellence in nursing, would be to raise the rate of retention for talented nursing majors by providing a strong and appealing reason for remaining at Glen Oaks Community College.

The Scholarship will serve to honor and substantially reward each year’s recipients and to significantly enhance and embellish the Glen Oaks Community College nursing program as a recruitment and retention tool.


  • Maintain full time student status
  • Nursing major
  • First year students will be eligible directly out of high school, if dual enrolled and they meet Nursing Program prerequisites

Preference: none

Selection Criteria:

  • Must be accepted into the Nursing Program
  • Talented and committed
  • Will be attending core-nursing classes
  • Active participant in the Nursing Program
  • Participation in activities and projects beyond standard class activities may include voluntary commitment
  • Intention to work in St. Joseph County upon completion of training

Selection Process:

  • Students will be selected by the Director of Financial Aid/Scholarship and Assistant Dean of the Nursing Program in consultation with the Dean of the College
  • Students may be identified out of high school by recommendation of their School Counselor
  • Final selection by the end of April


  • This is a Scholarship to be granted to the student for education related expenses.

Amount and Number of Awards:

  • Number and size determined by availability of funds and number of qualified applicants

Prior Recipients:

  • Must reapply


The Office of Financial Aid will disburse the scholarship according to the standard school policy.

If, at any time, the College Foundation policies and procedures in effect for the administration of award and scholarship funds are changed, these provisions will be automatically modified to conform.

The donor initiated this award in December 1998.

The fund is now endowed (as of December 17, 2002) and monies will be held in a restricted endowed account. Distribution shall begin in the 2003/04 school years.

Whenever it appears that changing conditions make this plan no longer applicable, practical, or suited to the general purposes stated above, the College Foundation would confer with the donor or their representative to secure a modification of the plan. If the Foundation is unable to locate the donor or their representative after reasonable efforts, then the Foundation is authorized to utilize the fund for any other suitable educational purpose, so that the fund will provide the maximum service to the community through the advancement of higher education.