Glen Oaks Community College


The determination of appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aids is a highly individualized process based on the student’s history, the nature of the student’s disability, and the documentation received. Accommodations must be both reasonable, and effective. Based on these factors, students may not receive all accommodations or auxiliary aids requested.

Possible Accomodations

Additional time on quizzes and tests

Carbonless notebooks

Digital recorders

Electronic text books

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic keyboard

FM sound amplification system

Hand-held electronic magnifier

Hand-held standard magnifiers

Large button calculator

Large-screen monitors

Learning station modification

Note takers

Print enlargements

Quizzes and tests administered in a reduced-distraction environment

Readers for quizzes and tests

Record lectures

Screen readers

Smart pens

Special seating arrangement

Spelling aids

Telephone amplifier

Use of an interpreter

Use of a scribe

Use of a calculator

Use of a spell checker on quizzes and tests

Use of a word processor on written assignments

Voice recognition software

Zoom Tech Magnification and Screen Reading Machine