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This webpage will provide you with training in different aspects related to performing your duties at GOCC. Right now, we are only offering our Digital ADA Training via this page, but we expect further online training opportunities to be developed and provided here in the future. Keep checking back for new and updated content.

Digital ADA Compliance

One of the most important factors that we can take into consideration when providing digital information to our students and community is accessibility. Accessibility refers to the ability for any person, regardless of disability or impairment, to be able to access the information provided in such a way as to not be a hindrance. Individuals with disabilities or impairments should be provided the same level of ease and access to information as individuals without disabilities or impairments.

This is no longer a recommendation but a requirement at the federal government level. Due to this requirement, Glen Oaks Community College has chosen to provide online training for its employees regarding the sharing of digital information in a manner that is compliant with current government standards.


All of the training videos provided here deal with different aspects of ADA compliance. Since there are multiple ways that information can be provided digitally, we have broken the videos down by topic.

While you are not required to watch the videos under the Additional Information tab, the content has been provided in case you would like a deeper understanding of the topic.

ADA Training


This video will provide you with a brief introduction to show you how to make content in Word accessible.

Additional Information

Self-Verification Form

All direct and indirect employees that provide any content via digital means (i.e. online courses, digital documents such as PDFs, videos, email, etc.) are required to review the information provided on this page. This information must be reviewed yearly and a self-verification form stating that the training information has been reviewed must be submitted.

*Note: If you have been provided Digital ADA Compliance Training via another facility during the year, you will not be required to review our training information, but you must still submit a self-verification form.

GOCC Digital Accessibility Policy

Glen Oaks’ Digital Accessibility Policy can be found in the current catalog. Please review this policy for a more definitive understanding of ADA compliance at GOCC and the procedures in relation to this policy’s non-adherence.